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GACC Community Meeting
December 3, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

Sweet Branch Library
9th Avenue and F Street, Salt Lake City


7:00 to 7:05—Welcome and Announcements, GACC 2014 Chair Mary Ann Wright.
7:05 to 7:20—Reports: SLC Fire Dept, Sweet Branch Library, SLC Police Dept, Salt Lake City Mayor's Office, Salt Lake City Council, Salt Lake County Council, Salt Lake City School Board.
7:20 to 7:35—State Legislative report, Rep. Chavez-Houck & Sen. Dabakis.
7:35 to 7:45—2015 GACC Budget, Michael Hughes, GACCTreasurer.
7:45 to 8:00—Recognition, thanks to Jorge Robles and thanks to other committee chairs.
8:00-to 8:10—Univ. of Utah Community Liaison, Janelle Hanson.
8:10 to 8:40—Open Forum, then Adjourn.
8:40 to 8:55—Holiday Party.*
8:55 p.m.— Assistance is appreciated in helping put chairs away.

*Many thanks to Jim McDonald of Smiths on 6th Avenue for
providing the goodies for our holiday party!

*Many thanks to Kim Christofferson of the Avenues Sweet Branch Library for allowing us to bring in goodies for our holiday party!