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Popperton Plots - the Avenues Community Garden

We are pleased to show our new logo designed by Maggie Hawley and digitized by Jared Cisneros, thank you both!

Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker and other City officials and Garden sponsors will be at the Popperton Plots at 11:30 a.m. on Friday, August 22nd, 1450 East Popperton Way.

The event is to celebrate the City's allocating this parcel for community garden use, for funding the garden through grants to Wasatch Community Gardens and directly to Popperton Plots, and is a celebration of our first year efforts to start the garden from bare ground this spring!

A potluck lunch made with fresh garden harvest will be provided, and a basket of Popperton Plots harvest will be presented by the Mayor to the Road Home Shelter!

Please plan to join us for this celebration.


Here are some photos of the garden taken August 3, 2014

Stay tuned for more details on our celebration at the garden with Mayor Ralph Becker and others at 11:00 a.m. on Friday August 22nd!


Click Here to see the landscape architect's plan for Phase 1 of the garden. Thank you Mark Morris from VODA Landscape Design for all your work on this plan!

Thank you Salt Lake City for the use of the site, and for the assistance by Public Utilities and Parks personnel!

What's Next?

The group will start to have twice-a-week work sessions Tuesday or Wednesday evenings and Saturdays. The next work group session will lay out the kids area, the central community gathering space and the collective gardening space, and will start to stake out the individual plot beds.

Topsoil will be delivered the week of April 28-May 1, after which the group will spread the soil to all the beds.

The irrigation contractor will be onsite soon to plumb the main irrigation system. Following the irrigation system install, we will have all gardeners back on site to start laying out the individual plots, spreading the topsoil and getting everything ready for planting!

We are finalizing our Year 1 budget which will soon be presented to our garden group for approval. Quotes are coming in for the main garden startup expenses including fencing, flagstone for the community gathering space, the pergola, and the stone gate entry way.

Fees and how to get a plot:

Attending an organizing meeting or a garden work session is the best way to get on the preferred list for applying for a garden plot.

To register to be a gardener at Popperton Plots: If you have not already done so, please Sign Up Here on the Wasatch Gardens registration page. This puts you on the list of people interested in having a plot at Popperton Plots.

Once we have laid out the individual garden plots, gardeners will be sent a link where you can pay the $30.00 individual plot fee.

Please note that this first year, to save costs and to help get the garden up and running as soon as possible, we are only developing half of the entire site. This is our Phase I effort. Until the remaining space is developed in Phase II, there may be a wait list for a plot at Popperton Plots.

The Popperton Plots Mission Statement

"Our mission is to grow healthy food and cultivate relationships through sharing local resources, knowledge and a diverse community."

The Popperton Plots Rules for Gardeners

CLICK HERE for our rules sheet that was adopted by our gardener group. All decisions at Popperton Plots are being made collectively by the group. Thanks to everyone for their participation in this process.


The garden will gladly accept donations of gardening tools or money to cover our startup expenses.

Please call any of the garden organizers to arrange pick up of tools.

James Woolf ( 801-259-3297,

Michael Hughes ( 801-859-5858,

or Gwen Springmeyer ( 801-673-1944.

Cash donations are tax deductible, and can be sent to: Greater Avenues Community Council, PO Box 1679, Salt Lake City, UT 84110, or to Wasatch Community Gardens, 824 S 400 W, Suite B127
Salt Lake City, UT 84101.

Please be sure to memo Popperton Plots on your donation.

CLICK HERE to donate directly on the Wasatch Community Gardens website.

The story of Popperton Plots - the Avenues Community Garden

In 2013 the City announced it had set aside space in several city parks for community garden use. One of those sites is in Popperton Park, shown below. The Avenues Community Council formed an Avenues Community Garden committee, and requested the garden committee apply to use the Popperton Park site. The City requires any garden in the new city park lands to be under the oversight of Wasatch Community Gardens.

Wasatch Community Gardens accepted our application to undertake a new project, and after we provided evidence of community support, Popperton Plots was born! Garden committee members attended Wasatch Community Gardens leadership training which taught us a concensus-based decision making process. At the same time we held a series of organizational meetings to get where we are today.

The garden committee, made up of volunteer organizers and people interested in garden plots, has chosen the following name for the Avenues Community Garden:

"Popperton Plots - The Avenues Community Garden." The garden site is shown below, and is located on Popperton Park Way to the north and east of Shriners Hospital for Children.

The site, which is approximately 1/3 acre, or 50 by 350 feet, has an unobstructed view of the entire Salt Lake valley, and we hope to make it a showpiece community garden.

The Popperton Plots garden committee leaders are

Chairperson James Woolf ( 801-259-3297, Michael Hughes ( 801-859-5858, and Gwen Springmeyer ( 801-673-1944.

Popperton Plots is an official garden of the Wasatch Community Gardens. Visit our information page on the Wasatch Community Gardens website at Green City Growers.