Avenues Neighborhood Story

09 December 2021

Long time Avenues residents can tell stories of changes they’ve seen after living here for 50 or more years. But more recent residents have seen lots of changes, even in the last few years. These changes are accelerating across SLC as the City continues to grow.
Recently Salt Lake City initiated a Gentrification Assessment and Displacement Mitigation Study to determine the extent of the problem across the City and develop policies to address it. While the full study will take a year to complete, the first phase is underway. Students from the City & Metropolitan Planning Department at the University of Utah prepared Neighborhood Stories for community councils across the city.
These stories identify key community assets, demographic changes, and stories of change from residents.
To view the Neighborhood story of the Avenues, visit: https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/ce55c7664e3a4c6fafaf4b9a9d9ce829