The GACC newsletter, The Agenda, is mailed monthly to all of the approximately 9,000 residences and businesses within the Avenues boundaries, including the north side of South Temple, everything east of City Creek Canyon (including Federal Heights), and residences at the University of Utah.

The purpose of our newsletter is to inform Avenues residents and businesses about our monthly community meetings and to provide information about community issues and the activities of the Greater Avenues Community Council.

Volunteers compile our newsletter monthly. We reserve the right to edit advertisements for content, appearance, and size. All ads in our newsletter print in grayscale (black and white).

Ad Sizes & Rates

The Agenda features two options for ad sizing. Annual ad contracts are offered at an 11% discount over the month-to-month rate. All ads must be prepaid.

Small Ad Size

  • 2.5 inches wide x 0.75 inches high
  • Month‐to‐Month Rate: $75 per month, billed monthly
  • Annual Rate: (12‐issue commitment): $825, billed at the beginning of your term

Large Ad Size

  • 2.5 inches wide x 1.5 inches high
  • Month‐to‐Month Rate: $150 per month, billed monthly
  • Annual Rate (12‐issue commitment): $1650, billed at the beginning of your term

Ad Specifications

The newsletter is laid out using Adobe InDesign. Each ad is placed into an individual text box in our layout and then the entire newsletter is converted to PDF, which is printed by a local commercial printer.

Options for Submitting Ads

  • You provide print‐ready text (or a graphic) with your own formatting in the actual size of the dimensions shown above, 300 dpi in jpg, bmp, tif, eps, or pdf format
  • You provide the text and/or graphic and we format the ad to fit the space

The email for ad submission is . Hard copy ads may be dropped off to 704 5th Avenue, Salt Lake City, UT 84103.

Disclosure: The majority of our existing, text‐only ads are formatted by our volunteer staff. We can combine text and graphics (subject to size and appearance). We are not professional graphic artists! We can scan logos and pre‐printed materials you provide, or we can take digital photos of what you provide on paper. We prefer electronic format for the best resolution.

Billing & Payment

All ads must be prepaid by check or credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express via our online payment form. If you prefer to send a check, our mailing address is GACC, PO Box 1679, Salt Lake City, Utah 84110.

Pay Online

Wait List

At times there is a wait list. If this is the case, new advertisers are added to the wait list based on the date of first inquiry. We will always keep in touch about space availability for those on wait list.


Ads need to be received by us via email or by hand‐delivered hard copy by the 15th of the month for publication in the following month’s newsletter.

Please call 801-322‐1373 or email Michael Hughes, Treasurer /Greater Avenues Community Council, to discuss your ad needs.