Indigenous Lands Acknowledgement

The GACC has adopted by community vote the following Indigenous Lands Acknowledgement, which now appears in every issue of the monthly Avenues newsletter, and in the footer of every GACC web page. 


The official online presence of each of the tribes acknowledged above can be seen here:

Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation
Piute Indian Tribe of Utah
Goshute Tribe
Ute Indian Tribe


We invite those who are interested to use these additional resources to learn more about the Indigenous Peoples of the area we now call home:

U.S. Department of Arts and Culture:

Indigenous Ally Toolkit (Montreal Urban Aboriginal Community Strategy Network):                 

An interactive Indigenous Peoples map is here

Another map is here with good educational resources also

A google earth map is here

Please email  if you have any suggestions for content on our Indigenous Lands Acknowledgement web page.