Aug 05, 2020 - 7 pm - 9 pm

The  July 1st GACC General Meeting was held virtually, using Zoom. We hit hit our limit of 100 attendees for the meeting, so we apologize to anyone who tried to get on and couldn't last night. However, we did record the meeting and you can view it by clicking here and entering the password.  
Password: 7B#Jfz1#

In addition to our regular reports, the focus of the meeting was the proposed zoning change for a development in the Upper Avenues.  We heard from the developer and also a grass roots organization that wants to preserve the current zoning. You can learn more about the rezoning issue by clicking on the article below, which will take you to an Open House run by the City Planning Department. You can learn about the Preserve Our Avenues Zoning Coalition by clicking on the following website:  There is also more information in our monthly newsletter, the Agenda, which you can access by clicking on 'News & Events' on the menu line at the top of the page.  

The July 8th GACC Board Meeting will also be virtual. If you are not a Board member, but would like to participate, please email  for details. 
The GACC will not be holding regular meetings, while we all stay at home and practice social distancing. However, we will update this site with information that is important to the members of the Greater Avenues Community Council. 

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