Community Meeting
Oct 04, 2023 - 6 pm - 8 pm

avenues A Comments or questions about anything related to living in the Avenues? Email 2023 GACC Chair Merrilee Morgan at .  

 The September community meeting of the Greater Avenues Community Council was held on Wednesday, September 6th. Minutes can be read HERE.  A link to the Zoom recording will be posted soon. The vote held on September 6th, 2023 on resident approval of the Ivory Homes application for a Planned Development was 213 No to 7 Yes. The results of the vote will be sent to the Planning Department staff and to the Planning Commission.   More information on each of the above topics can be seen below, or in our September Avenues community newsletter HERE

 The September Board Meeting of the Greater Avenues Community Council was held Wednesday, September 13, 2023.  The meeting minutes will be posted here as soon as possible. 

 Salt Lake City Planning Division has developed Draft Zoning Amendments in response to the City’s Thriving in Place study to help mitigate involuntary displacement due to development pressure. The Planning Division is seeking public feedback on the proposal. The updates include establishing a community benefit policy for general plan and zoning amendments; the creation of a tenant relocation assistance program; replacement housing requirements for demolitions associated with requested amendments; and new standards for analyzing a zoning or general plan amendment that encompasses impacts from potential displacement. Ultimately, the proposed amendments will replace the Housing Loss Mitigation ordinance. Join us at the events below to learn more about the project. Project leaders will be on hand to share details and answer your questions. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2023
5 – 7 pm, Sugar House Fire Station #3, 2425 S 900 E
Thursday, September 28, 2023
5 – 7 pm, Sorenson Unity Center, Black Box Theater, 1383 S 900 W
Wednesday, October 4, 2023
 6 – 7:30 pm, SLC Downtown Public Library, Conference Room B, 210 E 400 S

 Review the drafts and find out more on the project web page and submit your feedback and comments using the online form.  For questions, comments, or if you would like more information about this project, please contact Krissy Gilmore, Senior Planner at  or call 801.535.7780.

PlanningDiv Restrictive Covenant On Properties Surrounding LDS Hospital - A restrictive covenant was established in 1981 as part   of the street closure of 8th Avenue for the expansion of LDS Hospital. At that time, the Greater Avenues Community     Council agreed it would not oppose the street vacation if other LDS Hospital owned properties became subject to a restrictive covenant, guaranteeing their continued use in conformity with the R-2 zoning district that was in effect at that time. 

The properties are no longer owned by LDS Hospital and have since been rezoned to SR-1A. The restrictive covenant applies to 18 properties, and prohibits the construction of detached ADUs as well as a few other uses. Considering the adoption of the ADU ordinance, which permits ADUs in the SR-1A zone, Planning Staff believes it may be appropriate to remove the restriction. The restrictive covenant lists the Greater Avenues Community Council as a beneficiary, so a community vote approving the removal of the covenant is needed. 

Currently approved uses under SR-1A that are not approved under the restrictive covenant include Accessory Dwelling Unit, Assisted Living Facility with limited capacity (2-5 individuals), Congregate Care Facility, Group Home, Community Garden, Urban Farm, Daycare Center and In-home Daycare. 

The restrictive covenant lists the Greater Avenues Community Council as a beneficiary, so a community vote approving the removal of the covenant is needed.Plan to attend our October community meeting where City Planner Krissy Gilmore will discuss the history of this covenant and the proposed vote to remove the covenant. A vote may be held at the November GACC meeting on this matter. 

 Salt Lake City Fire Dept. will be hosting its annual Open House at Fire Station 7, 273 North 1000 West, on October 12th from 4 to 7pm. This event is a lot of fun, very engaging, and informative. There will   be a food truck, rescue dogs, fire engines and all sorts of family friendly activities to help educate everyone on how to prevent fires. We look forward to interacting with as many residents as possible! 


The Avenues Street Fair was held on Saturday, September 9th. Thank you for all who attended, and to all our sponsors and donors! Thank you also to the residents of 7th Avenue who shared the street with us, and shared their water and electricity.  A huge shout out and thank you to all our volunteers - over 200! - who helped make the event happen. See more about the fair including pictures at   See the Lost and Found list of items HERE


  School Closure Update - The Salt Lake City School Board voted on August 1st to approve a list of schools recommended for closure. That list includes one school in the Greater Avenues, Wasatch Elementary. The vote initiated a deeper study process of the seven schools recommended for closure as well as potential boundary adjustments to the remaining 20 elementary schools.  Residents of the Greater Avenues Community may wish to share their opinion and ask questions. Here is how: 

Public Information Meetings about the Boundary Study are are scheduled for these dates and times:

See School Board member Ashley Anderson's slides from her September 6th presentation to the Avenues Community HERE

See article analyzing the District's school closure decision making policy by Salt Lake Tribune Reporter Andy Larson HERE

See School Board September 19th meeting minutes HERE

 Salt Lake City School District Needs Bus Drivers and Crossing Guards! Our city government hires and retains crossing guards, and the school district employs bus drivers. Both jobs have too many openings and some (specifically crossing guards) may fit into the schedules of older adults looking to be involved neighbors. Crossing guard information can be found here: School bus driver information can be found here (with a specific need in the Avenues!)…Part time: Full time: 

 On September 6, 2023, the GACC conducted a vote of residents on the question: “Do you approve of Ivory Homes' request for a Planned Development at 675 North FStreet as presented in their application to the city dated June2023; Ref. PLNPCM2023-00656.” The vote was 213 No, and 7 Yes.  GACC will communicate the results of this vote to the Salt Lake City Planning Staff, who are preparing their recommendations to the Planning Commission, and the vote results will also be sent directly to the Planning Commission. For resident benefit, we direct you to these resources which provide more information about this project and why we held a vote:

Salt Lake City Planning Department Online Open House

Email  or call 801.535.6182 with comments or questions.

Ivory Homes Project Web Page
Preserve Our Avenues Zoning Coalition

POAZC slideshow

POAZC Sept Article

Greater Avenues Community Council August newsletter

 Salt Lake City Transportation announces the final draft of the Citywide Transportation Plan, which seeks to create a governing set of policies to shape roadway projects in Salt Lake City for the next two decades. This plan update is required to go before the Planning Commission for a recommendation then to the City Council for a final decision. Both bodies will hold public hearings, and will use these criteria for making their recommendation: 1. Whether the plan update is consistent with the purposes, goals, objectives, and policies of the City as stated through its various adopted planning documents; and 2. The extent to which the proposed plan implements best current, professional practices of urban planning and design.  A 45-day comment period has been opened and residents may comment via email to or by mail to Joe Taylor, Salt Lake City Transportation Division, 349 South 200 East Suite 150, Salt Lake City, UT 84111. 

  2023 marks the 9th year that Avenues Open Studios will hold their annual Open Studios Tour

  Scheduled for Friday, September 22nd from 4 to 8pm, and Saturday September 23rd from 11am to 7pm.

 See the brochure with Avenues locations HERE.

Proposed Change to Salt Lake City "Subdivision" Ordinance - Recent Utah Legislature action requires an update to Salt Lake City Code regarding Subdivisions.  This is the section of City code that regulates the process and requirements for subdividing land, modifying lots, and consolidating lots.  The city is also making other changes to create a more consistent process for each department involved in the subdivision process. Note that this proposal does not change any zoning requirements or processes in the zoning code. All subdivisions are still required to comply with all zoning regulations.  The state code requires the city to adopt updated subdivision regulations by February 1, 2024. SLC Planning has opened a 45-day public comment period on this matter that runs through September 22nd.  See the proposed new ordinance language at  Then we want to hear from you! To submit a comment or question please contact the staff planner via email or leave a voicemail. Questions will be answered no later than a week after the comment period has ended. End of Comment Period: September 22, 2023.  During and following the public comment period, the Planning Division will evaluate the public input received and general plan policies. As a result, the proposal may be modified before the Planning Department drafts their recommendation to the Planning Commission.  Comments to Eric Daems //  // 801.535.7236 and Grant Amann //  // 801.535.6171 by September 22nd.

Foothills Natural Area Trail System Plan Implementation and Evaluation – The Salt Lake City Public Lands Department is committed to receiving ongoing feedback from the Greater Avenues residents regarding the Foothills. We are consistently updating our website to include accurate and helpful information on the evaluation of the Trails Plan,   trail maintenance projects, reports from the Foothills Rangers, trail descriptions and maps, SLC Be WILD etiquette program, as well as Foothills-related projects like the trailhead construction projects, the Rocky Mountain Power Wildfire Mitigation project, and the I-Street Bike Park Management Plan project. Please visit to find links and helpful information to all of these projects and/or contact Recreational Trails Manager, Tyler Fonarow, at  with any questions or comments or to schedule a phone discussion.  

  Managing Wildfire Risks in the Avenues - see the GACC Wildfire webpage HERE      ALWAYS USE FIRE SENSE - with temperatures rising, we remind everyone to use your best fire sense.  Fire sense is common sense. The trick is just using it. We all know that heat or sparks plus dry grass and brush equals a whole lot of trouble.  Here are two web sites that give practical tips on creating defensible space around our homes: and

 The Other Side Village Public Comment Period is Open - Salt Lake City is working with The Other Side Academy on The Other Side Village- a pilot program to provide housing and supportive services for those experiencing homelessness and struggling with substance abuse, mental illness and/or physical disability. This innovative project is a step toward creating more affordable housing choices and options for residents to thrive. The location is the site of a former municipal landfill at 1850 W Indiana Avenue that operated between 1923-1962. To ensure that the area is safe for residential use, the City entered the site into the Utah Department of Environmental Quality’s Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP). The Remedial Action Plan for the village is now open for review and public comment.  This plan outlines the recommended remediation strategies to address environmental concerns at the site.  The State Department of Environmental Quality is the entity that will receive public comments. To learn more, including viewing the proposed plan, visit:

 Avenues Picklefest July 1, 2023 a Smashing Success!  - On a beautiful Saturday morning, July 1st, approximately 100 people attended the inaugural Salt Lake Picklefest hosted by the Avenues Pickleball Club at the 11th Avenue Courts. Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall attended, spoke briefly about the City's commitment to provide more pickleball courts. GACC Chair Merrilee Morgan and District 3 City Council member Chris Wharton got on the court and rallied. Various local pros exhibited their skills and taught clinic sessions for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Pickleball vendors were there with gear for people to demo, and Holbrook contributed a paddleball racquet, balls and a gear bag that one of the participants was selected randomly as the winner. Thank you Jayla Burley-Wolfe and her volunteers for organizing a wonderful event!   



Millcreek Canyon Road Project - The Wasatch Mountains are seeing an abundant start to the summer with its flowering foothills, roaring rivers, and numerous transportation initiatives.  As we await the Utah Department of Transportation’s final decision on the gondola up Little Cottonwood Canyon, we are keeping an eye on the proposed road expansion and parking improvements in Mill Creek Canyon and the gravel pit in Parley's Canyon. The Salt Lake County Office of Regional Development is proposing road expansion and trailhead parking improvements for the upper 4.6 miles of Mill Creek Canyon Road, from the Winter Gate to the Upper Big Water Trailhead. The effort aims to improve access and safety for canyon users and motorists. Learn more about the project and share your opinion at Salt Lake County Millcreek Roads and at Federal DOT Mill Creek


  The August Board Meeting of the Greater Avenues Community Council was held Wednesday, August 9th. The meeting minutes can be seen HERE

The August Community Meeting of the Greater Avenues Community Council was held on Wednesday, August 2nd. The meeting included presentations from Peter Wright of the Preserve Our Avenues Zoning Coalition (see below), Tyler Fonarow with Salt Lake City Public Lands (see below), Scott Rosenbush with the Avenues CERT Team (see below), Daniel Sowards of the Avenues Street Fair Commmittee (see below), Shane Carlson on GACC Wildfire Preparedness (see below), and Community Reports from the Utah Legislature, City Council, School Board, Mayor’s Office, Fire, Police, LDS Hospital, Library, and Salt Lake City Transportation followed by a resident Open Forum. The meeting was recorded, and a link to the recording will be posted here soon.  The August 2023 GACC community newsletter can be seen HERE

 The July 2023 GACC Board Meeting was held Thursday, July 13th. The meeting Agenda can be seen HEREThe meeting was recorded and a link to watch the recording is HERE using Passcode: idF%fn2b 

 The June 2023 GACC Community Meeting was held on Wednesday, June 7th.  The Zoom recording of the meeting can be seen at:,
using Passcode: taJq.Uv0.  The meeting minutes can be seen HERE

 The June 2023 GACC Board meeting was held on Wednesday, June 14th.  The meeting minutes can be seen HERE.

May 2023 Board Meeting of the GACC was held on Wednesday, May 10, at 6:00 p.m.  One topic discussed at the May meeting was UTA Bus Route 209 which runs in the Avenues. The GACC has been asked to support an initiative by a number of Avenues residents asking UTA to stop running this route during certain hours, or use quieter and less road-vibrating equipment.  

May 023 GACC Community Meeting was held on Wednesday, May 3rd. The meeting recording can be viewed HERE using Passcode: Y9P8y%DU .  See the meeting minutes HERE. The May 2023 web edition of the GACC newsletter The Agenda can be seen HERE

 Click here for a message from Chief Karl Lieb from the Salt Lake City Fire Department regarding dangers of heat with our pets.

See the Salt Lake City Fire Department's most recent newsletter HERE

 Salt Lake City’s Urban Forest, containing over 90,000 trees growing along city streets and in parks and natural areas, is a legacy from the first residents of Salt Lake City to those who live and visit here today. The first visitors and residents of this valley found a harsh and arid landscape and planted and cared for trees to improve their environment. Since then, the generations that have come after have enjoyed the lasting benefits of an established urban forest. From cooling shade to inspiring beauty, Salt Lake City’s urban tree canopy cleans our air, quiets urban noise, and calms not only our valley winds, but our minds as well. Learn more about our Urban Forest here:  Urban Forestry | Public Lands Department ( 

The annual GACC MEMORY GROVE CLEANUP was held Saturday May 13, 2023, at Memory Grove Park. Lunch was provided by LDS Hospital Food Services. Thank you Memory Grove Foundation, Intermountain Healthcare/LDS Hospital, Members of the GACC Board, the Temple Square missionaries, Ensign Stake, Emigration Stake, Salt Lake City Parks staff, and all who volunteered! 

View the embedded image gallery online at:

 The new Salt Lake City Green Loop is a proposed linear park network integrated into Salt Lake City's downtown city streets, featuring an urban forest providing shade, landscaped areas to receive stormwater, habitat for birds and pollinators, and green corridors for people to safely walk and bike. To begin the community discussion, the City is creating a temporary segment of the Green Loop. From May 1st to June 10th, the middle of 200 East from 300 to 400 South will transform into a temporary park. Learn more here:  Salt Lake City Green Loop | Transportation ( 

 SLC Airport Update - The first flight to depart from Concourse A-east will depart on May 16 when the first five gates open as part of Phase 2 of The New SLC. For the past 31 months, the construction team has been worked to demolish the former airport and began building the infrastructure of what will be an additional 22 Delta Air Lines’ gates on the east side of Concourse A. The remaining 17 gates are scheduled to open on Oct. 31 along with 19 new concessions. For more information, go to  

The Salt Lake City Council recently approved the parameters, issuance, and sale of another round of bonds to fund capital improvements for the ongoing expansion of Salt Lake City International Airport (SLCIA). The bonding will provide about $400 million for capital projects at the airport and will be repaid using revenues generated at the airport rather than local tax dollars. See more at SLC Airports ( 

  SLC Park Strip, Landscape Policy Changes -   Public comments are being taken by the Salt Lake City Planning Division and Planning Commission as they consider city-wide changes to the Landscaping Chapter of the Zoning Code. This includes proposed revision of the Park Strip ordinance under which many city residents have been penalized for their water conservation efforts.   The proposed Park Strip policy revision would require one "street tree" every 30 feet and vegetation covering at least 30% of the area.  See all proposed amendments HERE. The Planning Commission will consider landscape/park strip ordinance changes at its April 26 meeting.  Public comments can be submitted in-person or via email to Nan Larsen at .  Reference case number PLNPCM2023-00098 in the subject line. The agenda for next Wednesday's (April 26) Planning Commission meeting is HEREThe Planning Commission's recommendations will then be presented to the City Council for final approval.


  Thank you to all who assisted or atttended the Avenues Emergency Preparedness Fair on Saturday, April 22! We estimate 200 people attended. See  photos HERE.

 The July 2023 GACC newsletter can be seen HERE

 The GACC June 2023 Community Meeting was held on Wednesday, June 7th.  The Zoom recording of the meeting can be seen at:,
using Passcode: taJq.Uv0    See the June 2023 online GACC newsletter HERE

During the June community meeting a vote was held on a citizens' proposal requestiing UTA provide relief from early morning and late-night operations of UTA Bus Route 209. The vote was "Should the Greater Avenues Community Council ask the Utah Transit Authority to suspend service on the Avenues section of Route 209 between the hours of 9:30 pm and 6:00 am?" Votes YES were 61, votes NO were 83 wiith1 abstention.  Based on the vote results, no further action on the matter will be taken by the GACC at this time. Thanks to all who participated in person and on Zoom. 

 The May Community Meeting of the Greater Avenues Community Council was held on Wednesday, May 3rd. The meeting recording can be viewed HERE using Passcode: Y9P8y%DU .  See the meeting minutes HERE. The May 2023 web edition of the GACC newsletter The Agenda can be seen HERE

 The  April 2023 Greater Avenues Community Council monthly community meeting was held Wednesday, April 5th.  There were technical issues that prevented the meeting from being recorded.  The meeting minutes are HERE. Senator Plumb's 2023 Legislative Session Recap report can be seen HERE.

 The March 2023 community meeting of the GACC was held on Wednesday March 1st. The Zoom recoding may be seen at March 1st MtgUsing passcode u5?1bXhB

 The February 2023 community meeting of the GACC was held on Wednesday, Feburary 1st.  The Zoom recording can be seen at Feb 1 Mtg using Passcode S9ia2g%7. The February online newsletter of the GACC is HERE.

 The January 2023 community meeting of the GACC was held on Wednesday, January 4th from 6 to 8pm.  The Zoom recording can be seen at JAN 4TH MTG using Passcode: u5^5Xf1C. The January online newsletter of the GACC is HERE 

The Salt Lake City Transportation team would like to extend our gratitude to those who took the time to engage with us on the 2024 Virginia Street Reconstruction design concept. The final design concept is now available on the project webpage ( Over the next few months, we will be working closely with our colleagues in the Engineering Division to complete the roadway design. We will provide periodic updates on this webpage and at the GACC meetings. Construction is expected in 2024 and we will know more about temporary construction impacts in early 2024. Please feel free to email us at  if you have any  questions.

HOUSING SLC: AN UPDATE TO SALT LAKE CITY'S FIVE-YEAR HOUSING PLAN - Salt Lake City is creating a new housing plan. Based on feedback collected throughout 2022, the City has drafted a plan that seeks to address the concerns around housing affordability that were heard throughout the engagement period. A draft plan is now available, and the City is seeking public feedback on the plan that we have put together. The public comment period will run for 45 days.  Learn More & Share Your Feedback!  For comments or questions, please contact: Ruedigar Matthes //  or   

The Salt Lake City Council is reviewing an Urban Forest Action Plan. If approved, the plan would provide Salt Lake City with a long-term strategy to expand and preserve trees in SLC, on both public and private property. A public hearing will be held at the upcoming City Council meeting on February 21st at 7:00 p.m.  Visit the Council’s agenda page to confirm the date and time.  If anyone cannot attend the public hearing and would still like to provide input, comments can be shared online here, or by   mailing , or by calling our 24/hr comment line 801-535-7654.

  UTA Community Engagement team  is evaluating how they collect and use input from the public to improve public transit in the Salt Lake area.   They are planning two upcoming workshops that will explore in more detail how riders and citizens would ideally like to be involved in the UTA’s public input processes, especially around Change Day. If you are interested in participating in one of the workshops, please click on the link shown here: 

 The Community Outreach Team from Mayor Erin Mendenhall’s Office holds monthly community office hours in locations citywide. Those with questions or feedback about the City can drop in on a first come first serve basis. See all of Salt Lake City's projects that are availalbe for community feedback here:


 City Creek Water Treatment Plant Update - Construction on step one of the upgrade project began in mid-November 2022.  Be alert for access restrictions during construction. This is a three year project, with an estimated completion date of December, 2025. Find out more about the project these ways: Text "CCWTP" to 833-271-7589 to receive text alerts about City Creek Canyon access during construction.  Call the project hotline at 801-616-3336 to speak with a project team member. Email  to submit questions or comments on the project.  Visit our website at   Visit our booth at the Avenues Street Fair on September 9th for the latest information about this project! 

GACC MEETING TIMES UPDATE:  The Greater Avenues Community Council general community meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at the Sweet Library, 455 F Street. The library is currently closing at 8:00 p.m., so our monthly meetings are now scheduled from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Virtual attendance is also available on Zoom. Links to attend virtually are posted on this website after 5:00 pm on the day of the meeting.  Any resident of the Avenues, any owner of a business or property located in the Avenues is a member of the Greater Avenues Community Council, and all members aged 16 or over are allowed to vote on any motion that is made at one of our meetings.  See the GACC Mission Statement and Bylaws HERE Comments or questions about anything related to living in the Avenues? Email 2023 GACC Chair Merrilee Morgan at .

Avenues Calendar

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